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Who we are
The Chronic Care Center is a medico-social institution, specialized in the treatment and follow-up of childhood chronic diseases: Thalassemia and Type I Diabetes.
Our Clinical Report
The clinical Report is a result of continuous research on Diabetes and Thalassemia. It covers all facts and figures, and a overview of the Clinical Centers Yearly accomplishements, along with acccurate cost of treatments.
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Since its foundation in 1993-1994, the Chronic Care Center promotes and/or participates in numerous conferences, seminars, training and workshops in the fields of Diabetes and Thalassemia. The Center continuously organizes social and cultural activities and fundraising events to generate funds for the treatment of its patients.
This section gathers major events organized in and outdoor; being further more an enlightenment of the past and the present and an open calendar to the future.
June / 2023
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