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Who we are
The Chronic Care Center is a medico-social institution, specialized in the treatment and follow-up of childhood chronic diseases: Thalassemia and Type I Diabetes.
Know The Signs
I drink a lot and feel thirsty all the time. I have frequent urination. I am always tired and hungry. I eat well yet lose weight.
Am I diabetic?
You should consult your physician. He will ask for blood glucose level and other tests to make sure if you have diabetes.
Below are some testimonials given by young patients at the Center and their parents. These simple words are merely a glimpse of the reality they endure daily.
Diabetic patient
Rayan Mokdad

In summer 2009, I was 11 years. I was excited to become a teenager. But the excess of sugar in my blood made my life bitter.

I felt dizzy, lost weight, become pale and used to go to the toilet frequently.
The doctor informed me that I'm affected by Type I Diabetes and going to live with it all my life.

I could not understand what this disease meant. First, I felt that I will not be able to continue my life normally, but later when I learned how to deal with Diabetes at the Chronic Care Center, I felt secure. Today I feel stronger than before.

I never felt shy or inferior, I never tried to hide or deny my reality because I believe in God.

I go to school every day and I practice sports regularly. I mainly play BasketBall in the Taadod Club and my trainer is also diabetic and was followed by the Chronic Care Center.

Diabetes could not stop me from living. I constantly try to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Sometimes I wonder why me?? But seeing a lot of diabetics of my age decreased my complaints as I realized that I am not the only one.

Thanks to all my family and my friends and the Chronic Care Center, I am able to continue my life successfully.

Currently, I am pursuing my studies in Law at Sagesse University and I hope to have a bright future.

Diabetic patient
Hassan karnib

My name is Hassan Karnib born in Beirut in 1990; I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 12. 
From that time I continued my life normally due to the pursuit of my case in Chronic Care Center. Diabetes didn't stop me from doing what I want; I traveled to Strasbourg, France and achieved my PhD in Biophysics and structural biology. On the other hand, I have a Taekwondo black belt and I am currently accomplishing a Master trainer degree in fitness. 
I am also an IFPA instructor and give workshops and courses related to personal training.

Diabetic patient
Ali Salameh

Hey it's Ali, I was born in 1991 and I am type I diabetic since 1995. I frequently visit the Chronic Care Center and I am still receiving my treatment and follow the recommendations of its team. Without this team I might have lost the road a long time ago. As an insulin-dependent patient I use multiple injections three times per day.

My family was always there for me . Now I'm a civil engineer because of their support. I count on my mom as an angel sent from above for being patient and protective. Thanks also to my friends for being extremely understanding. I might be mistaken if I lose hope for an instant, that's why I'm living my life and my career in all dimensions. It's the key for our happiness.
Engineer's student