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Social Media Campaign on Thalassemia
Social Media Campaign on Thalassemia
Who we are
The Chronic Care Center is a medico-social institution, specialized in the treatment and follow-up of childhood chronic diseases: Thalassemia and Type I Diabetes.
Our Clinical Report
The clinical Report is a result of continuous research on Diabetes and Thalassemia. It covers all facts and figures, and a overview of the Clinical Centers Yearly accomplishements, along with acccurate cost of treatments.
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Social Media Campaign on Thalassemia

From the 1rst of May 2018, the Chronic Care Center launched through social media a campaign about Thalassemia focusing on the importance of the premarital test under this quote: "Do you know that Thalassemia is 99% not curable but 100% preventable? Get tested before you tie the knot!"

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