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Who we are
The Chronic Care Center is a medico-social institution, specialized in the treatment and follow-up of childhood chronic diseases: Thalassemia and Type I Diabetes.
Know The Signs
My baby is very pale and has no energy to play. He does not seem to be growing well even though he eats well. I am worried How can I know if he has thalassemia?
How can I know if he has thalassemia?
You consult your child's pediatrician. He will ask for a complete blood count to rule out anemia
The Chronic Care Center has been officially founded by Mrs. Mouna Elias Haraoui, on January 22, 1993 by ministerial decree number: 18/ADThis institution acquired its non-governmental and non-profit making organization status on June 17, 1994 according to law number: 5341
Dr. Dalal Saikali
Executive Consultant

Doctorate in "Littérature Française Moderne et Comparée", Université de la Sorbonne, Paris III.

Associate Professor at the Faculty of Humane Letters and Sciences, Lebanese University (1979-2011).

Founder Member of the Lebanese Permanent Committee of Coordination, CLPC (1989-1998).

Consultant and Executive Assistant to the First Lady, Mrs. Mouna Haraoui (1992-1998).

Director of the CLPC, the Office of the First Lady, for humanitarian, medico- social assistance and scholarship (1992-1998).

Member of the Lebanese National Commission for Women (1996-1998).

Founder member of the Chronic Care Center (1992-1993).

Member of the Chronic Care Center Association (1993-current).

Assistant to the President at the Chronic Care Center and Director of the Executive Office (1993-current).

Member of the Board of Trustees and Executive Consultant since May 30, 2019.